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Bespoke design; imaginative & diverse.

Created by our in house team we give to our clients the opportunity to bring the dream of the perfect outfit to life. So if you want to get married in a stunning set of tailored trousers and jacket or your perfect dress colour is black or any colour thats not white, you may also simply want an extravgant bridal gown that no one else will have then you will be well placed in our talented hands as we can make any design a reality.

The process to create your dream


Designing a bespoke bridal dress is such a honour and taking the time to understand our brides is at the very heart of this. We consider not only the style / theme of the day but also body shape and personality play a huge part in creating that perfect dress for you. From an inital consulation; usually with a glass of fizz or hot drink to accompany, soon relaxes the atmosphere and before we know it we will have ‘the’ design idea in the air.

Once a design has been agreed we take it to the next level of creating a bespoke pattern based on your measurements and then ‘toile’ a soft cotton template of your design. The toile gets the fit just right and also an oppertunity for you to see the look on. If we need to adapt we will this can be for fit, particulary if you are looking to loose weight or even adapt the design.

Once your flying high and 100% happy with fit, style and fabric choice we make the dress.


Has our collection of wedding dresses and bespoke designs inspired you to work with Elizabeth to design your dream dress? Amazing! We can’t wait to help you create your dream wedding dress. Arrange your visit.

Visiting Us.

A friendly face and intimate space where you and your guests can relax and focus on your special day.

If you have any questions please do get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

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