Alpha Wedding Dress By 29 Atelier Bromley London
Alpha Wedding Dress By 29 Atelier Bromley London

The Botanical Collection

The atelier looks over one of South East London’s largest green spaces, Beckenham Place park. The grounds are vast and contains ancient woodlands and a beautiful Georgian mansion house. Having grown up in rural Leicestershire this corner of London is something to treasure.

Inspired by the nature and the stunning green spaces that surround, the daily walk through the park immersed our designers creativity with all that the landscape and wild life has to offer here; the secret woodlands with stunning bluebells in Spring, the majestic oaks swaying softly on rolling hills in magnificent Summers and the colony of green parakeets that adorn the trees.

Translated by design into structured silhouettes adorned with trailing laces, soft overlays, flowing fabrics and delightful quirky trims. The collection is formed of a stunning range of separate pieces that can be merged to together to create an individual look for each bride, they then can choose to have it made as a dress or as separates, nothing repeats itself exactly the same in nature and ‘The Botanical Collection’ embodies that as every bride should be unique.

We look forward to welcoming you at the showroom and demonstrating the diversity of what we can offer you please call 0208 4601007 to book an appointment and discuss what you are looking for.

We also offer a complete bespoke design service.

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