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Bridal Wear

Many brides love the idea of a wedding dress, the magic of stepping into ‘that dress’ but when your choosing your style it is infinitely better to have a range of pieces that can be mixed together to create you your own bridal look. This is how we do it at 29 Atelier!

This variety allows us to accommodate every brides body shape and style (as we are not all one shape or size!).

Our collection is formed of a stunning range of separate pieces; great tops with a range of necklines, sleeve shapes, strap options, paired with a selection of skirt shapes; full, slinky, straight, quirky…trousers. Capes, jackets, overlays, that ultimately can be merged to together to create an individual look for each bride.

With an emphasis on reusability the collection can be worn as separates to offer different looks throughout the day or so they can be re worn after the big day. Alternatively, they can be made into ‘that dress’, (after the big day we quite often do alterations to separate them!)

We want you to LOVE the experience of creating your dream dress and empower every woman to look incredible on their big day.

We can also apply mix our fashion looks and offer a complete bespoke service so please get in touch with any ideas or enquires.

We look forward to meeting you !



Alpha Wedding Dress by 29 Atelier Bromley London

The Botanical Collection

Inspired by the nature and the stunning green spaces that surround, the daily walk through the park immersed our designers creativity with all that the landscape and wild life has to offer here; the secret woodlands with stunning bluebells in Spring, the majestic oaks swaying softly on rolling hills in magnificent Summers and the colony of green parakeets that adorn the trees.

Translated by design into structured silhouettes adorned with trailing laces, soft overlays, flowing fabrics and delightful quirky trims…

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Bespoke at 29 Atelier London Luxury Bridal and Apparel Made in England


The 29 Atelier bespoke service is diverse and imaginative.

Created by our in house team we give to our clients the opportunity to bring the dream of the perfect outfit to life. So if you are a complete ‘non girly’ girl and want to get married in a stunning set of tailored trousers and jacket or your perfect dress colour is black and not white or any colour in between. You might simply want to invest in a great made to measure suit for work, a coat that will last forever or a fabulous outfit for a special event, ascot and you want to be confident that no one else will have the same outfit then you will be well placed in our talented hands as we can make any design a reality…

Please enjoy our gallery of some of our recent bespoke commissions.

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