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Wedding Dress by 29 Atelier London Bromley
Wedding Dress by 29 Atelier London Bromley

When I devised my label 2016, I wanted to re-think bridal wear, bringing my love of couture to bear and making it more accessible, and so offering our clients a more intuitive way of choosing a wedding dress. To do this I built an archive of iconic shapes and styles to enhance the natural beauty of each bride, giving them the power to choose and curate their perfect look, to be the best version of themselves. This means offering a diverse range of silhouettes, be it a romantic tulle fairy-tale skirt or a classic pair of tailored trousers.

As the brand has evolved in addition to dressing exquisite brides on their one special day I have wanted to extend my expertise and skills, and,  not only dress our customers on just one day in their life, but to create beautiful items of clothing for all of their life’s beautiful moments.

Underpinning all of this is our passion for couture techniques that we use to manufacture our collections, favouring French seams, delicate pin hems and hand appliqués. Our collections are produced locally, reducing our carbon footprint – perfect for the eco conscious people all the while ensuring that the practitioners who produce our creations are appreciated and treated ethically and fairly. This considerate approach creates accessible prices, diversity in style, and is inclusive to the eclectic society we live in, winning the hearts of modern women.

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We have our own in house workshop which is the hub of where every design starts.

We then pass our design and pattern onto our production partners who produce all our orders. All of our garments are produced ethically here in London by a team of skilled artisans who share the same ethos and ideology about creating clothing. For us it is not about making things quickly its about making them really well, with a slower more thoughtful pace.

We are passionate about producing in England and flying the flag for ‘slow fashion’ . Which is footprint for the future, to resolve the environmental issues we are facing. Shopping habits are  changing as society becomes aware of impact fast fashion has on both people and planet. The end result is only better for the client with lasting timeless garments.

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Wedding Dress by 29 Atelier London Bromley
ace Wedding Dress Designer Bromley London 29 Atelier
Bridal Wear Made in England 29 Atelier Bromley London
Made in England 29 Atelier Bromley London
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